A versatile and efficient bookings system to handle your bookings, invoicing and customer database all in one.

As quick and simple to use as a paper diary yet with a lot more features:

  • Bookings Diary

  • Customer and Database

  • Customer Invoicing

  • Management Reporting

  • Customer Contact & Email

  • Integration with accounting systems

What can Bookings Manager do for my business?


  • The electronic diary will quickly check availability, capture customer details and note special requirements.

  • Can be used to book the space, equipment and other additional items.

  • Flexible Bookings Rates for linked groups and the public.

  • You can configure it for session prices, per time used based on an hourly charge, concession, special mid week prices and bank holiday surcharges.

  • Create a regular booking for someone to cover the next five years if required.

  • Block out a room for maintenance / repairs.

  • Set up “packages” or create from the individual elements.

  • Create room usage / set-up views (or reports) for the caretakers.

  • Manage both rooms and equipment booking both indoors and out.

Bookings confirmations, letters and acknowledgements at the touch of a button

No more need to generate individual word-processed letters or even hand write them - your customers get an even more professional service.

Easy monitoring of monies due and paid

Deposits, hire fees and extra charges can be quickly processed so nothing is overlooked. Extra items can be added to an invoice at any time or charged out on demand. All financial information is automatically stored in the database so you can track income.

Simple to monitor how your businesses performing

  • Analyse hire rates for different areas of the site or services (month to month or year on year)

  • View your forward bookings to ensure you maximise occupancy possibilities

  • Plan ahead and take informed decisions that ensure your business runs efficiently and profitably

Financial information

Can be automatically posted into your accounts package avoiding the need for manual transfers or separate entries. Quicker accounting less likely to incur errors.

Improve your marketing effectiveness

Avalon Bookings Manager provides your most valuable source of all - an expanding database of customer information. Over time a customer profile starts to emerge which, at a glance, lets you know:

  • those who have booked before and how often they have used your facilities.

  • where new customers first heard of you, find out the best ways to promote your business.

  • what each customer has spent with you - perhaps a loyalty scheme would encourage even more bookings.

  • which geographical area do they come from, use this information to target advertising.

  • what are the reasons for peoples’ bookings have they got special requirements?

  • do some customer types respond more positively to special offers.

  • how important is customer referral in winning new hirers?

This information is an invaluable resource that will help you to market your business more effectively. It allows you to approach your customers with specially tailored offers.