A versatile and efficient bookings system to handle your bookings, invoicing, hirer database and management reporting all in one - Read on for a general description of the Avalon Bookings Manager program. Then for more details, demonstrations and prices click on the coloured link above that approximates to your business. Avalon Bookings Manager has been developed in partnership with our customers to provide a practical solution for to manage their bookings.


  • Bookings Diary

    The bookings diary forms the hub of the system. It provides a visual display of previous, current and forward bookings. Bookings can be entered individually for single or one-off events or in block for regular bookings that can be for weeks, months, or even years ahead. Both methods provide speedy and accurate data entry. The program can distinguish between confirmed and provisional bookings.

  • Customer Database

    The customer database stores full contact details and bookings history for the customer and this soon builds into a valuable source of information.

  • Bookings Documentation

    When the bookings have been entered the hirer can be sent bookings documentation by print or email. This includes a standard cover letter and a bookings confirmation document which shows full details, charges for the hire. The bookings documentation can incorporate your logo if required.

  • Customer Invoicing

    Customer Invoices can be generated individually for single bookings or in bulk across a selected date range. The latter option is ideal for invoicing your regular hirers on a monthly or other periodic basis. Both methods of invoicing are very quick and accurate in operation. Supporting programs help you keep track of bookings not yet invoiced and invoices not paid. All invoices generated are stored indefinitely in an invoice archive file. From here it is very easy to record, payments received, methods of payment and unpaid or partially paid invoices. Reports of invoices raised, payments received and total value of payments by method of payment (e.g. Cash, Cheque, BACS, Credit Card etc) are available on demand.

  • Operational and Management Reporting

    A range of standard reports provide key information, on demand, at two levels

  1. Operational Reports
    These are used to keep track of day-to-day activities such ranging from Caretaker duties to tracking overdue and unpaid invoices.

  2. Management Reports

  3. These provide key information such as previous, current or forecast income by resource, or forecast income by hirer.

  • Mail shot Module

    The Mail shot module enables data to be extracted from your database and used to generate mailings or lists of users and bookings. The data extracted can be merged with Letters generated in MS Word. All mailshots sent are recorded in the customer history file

  • Links to MS Word and Excel

    Avalon Bookings Manager has links to MS Word and Excel. The MS Word link is frequently used in conjunction with the Mail shot module described previously. Many reports can be generated in MS Excel and there is an Export Bookings to Excel facility. This exports an array of bookings related data into an MS Excel Spreadsheet and you can then the standard spreadsheet tools to manipulate and present the data to suit your reporting needs.

  • Optional Accounts Link Module for Sage Accounts, Open Accounts and Xero Accounts

    The Accounts link module enables the financial transactions generated in Avalon Bookings Manager, either when monies are recorded against a booking (Cash accounting), or when an invoice is raised (Income and expenditure accounting), to be passed into your accounts system. When activated the link module eliminates the need to re-key invoices raised within Avalon Bookings Manager into your accounts system.

    Even if you do not have an accounts package that permits updates from third party systems, or do not wish to use the link module to pass financial transactions into your accounts system the link module can be another useful source of analysis via the Nominal/Departmental analysis Report.

  • You can view demonstrations of the Avalon Bookings Manager via the coloured links at the top of each page which show different examples of how the program is used.