The new Avalon Bookings On-Line program for our Kennels and Catteries Customers

Avalon Bookings On-Line or ABOL is now ready for installation in our boarding kennels and cattery customers .

Regulation changes that were introduced in 2018 require those offering animal boarding services to hold much more detailed records about each animal they are looking after.

Our long standing PC based Avalon Bookings Manager program can hold this additional information but not always in dedicated information boxes. Some information has to be entered into text boxes. For those running smaller kennel and cattery businesses this is not a problem for those running bigger and very busy businesses something more flexible may be required.

This is where ABOL can offer a significant advantage. With ABOL additional data fields are easily created and can be customised to each users preferences. This means that the data that is required to be recorded against each animal can be done quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Because ABOL is a Web Hosted application it can be accessed from any Internet enabled computer that has access to the web

With set up costs from £100 and monthly charges from £20.00 per user ABOL is an affordable way to run your business taking full advantage of modern and flexible technologies.

For more information about ABOL click on the link below and to arrange an on-line demonstration of the program please call our support line on 0330 999 0125.

Welcome to the new Avalon Software Ltd website

The old Avalon Software web site has served us very well for many years and without it we would not have all the wonderful customers who continue to benefit from the Avalon Bookings Manager (ABM) program.

The time is right now for us to commission our new web site, which we have been very pleased to do with Clare of Owl & Bear Marketing.

One of the important reasons for this being the right time to implement the new web site is that we are progressing towards the launch of our new Avalon Book On Line (ABOL) program.

ABOL is to be offered alongside ABM and not as a replacement. ABM continues to meet the needs of a wide range of customers as it always has done.

Avalon Bookings On-Line (ABOL) is a significant new development of the well-proven Avalon Bookings Manager (ABM) System.

ABOL is cloud hosted application. This means it will be hosted on servers in a secure London Data centre and the ABOL program is accessed over the Internet.

It can be accessed via any web enabled computer and from any location with an Internet connection.

ABOL will retain the key features of the ABM program that we know our customers value. In addition, it provides us with the opportunity to incorporate many new features which are simply not possible to design into ABM and which customers have requested over the years.

Key amongst these new features is the option to offer your customers the facility to make bookings with you on-line and, as a further option pay for those bookings, if you wish to offer that facility.

We have recently completed the pilot installation of ABOL with one of our major ABM customers and we plan to install the program with further selected users during the course of this year.

If you would like more information about ABOL please send an email via our contact us page.

On the other hand if your needs are more likely to be met by the PC based Avalon Bookings Manager program please drop an email to or telephone 0330 900 2125 – (standard UK land line rates apply)